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About The Apostle

Apostle Dorsey was born in Queens, N.Y. on October 28, 1955. Apostle Dorsey received his calling at a young age, where he began preaching while holding the office of Deacon in the year 1991. Following 15 years  of drug using and abuse, Apostle Dorsey finally yielded to the voice of God behind prison bars to which he was filled with the gift of the Holy Spirit. Once released from prison, Apostle Dorsey began to step into his destiny by dedicating his life to God and the church; Apostle Dorsey became a faithful member of One Way Church of Christ under the leadership of Bishop Gregory Tucker in the year 1990, which he served under him for more than 8 years. There, he met his wife to be, Deloise and they married October 1991. Since that time, the Lord has given Apostle Dorsey a mandate to return to the prison system at Rikers' Island N.Y., and preach the gospel of the Kingdom of God, which Apostle Dorsey has won well over 5,000 souls for the Kingdom of God. He is believing God for more than 10,000 by 2017. Apostle Dorsey has traveled around the country as well as around the world including Europe, touching many lives with the gospel of the Kingdom; Apostle Dorsey is also the founder and Senior Pastor of Tehillah Word Ministry Inc. located in Laurelton, N.Y. where he has served as the senior pastor for 18 years. Apostle Dorsey has kept the doors of Tehillah Word Ministries in Queens, N.Y. wide open, ministering to the needs of the residents throughout our city, and providing moral guidance to thousands within the community. 

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